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Made in Italy shoes. The shoe factory produces men’s and women’s shoes and footwear accessories. Our shoe factory produces handmade shoes and we can develop any type of artisanal shoe collection.

artisan shoe factory in the Marche region

Made in Italy shoe production and manufacturing of footwear components

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third parties shoe factory and production of handmade shoes for men’s and women’s in Italy

Private label handmade in Italy sneakers

How are sneakers  private label produced in an artisanal shoe factory in the Marche region? The footwear produced in the Copponi Group shoe factory comes from the ideas of our customers and transformed into shoes from the original model by our designers. Developed by our technicians, the shoes are produced by the hands of our… View Article

Beach Slippers Sliders and wooden Clogs

Copponi Group has in production a vast collection of summer beach slippers in rubber, EVA or PVC, Flip Flop flip flops and Sliders for the beach and the pool or for home relaxation. In our collection there is also a line of clogs with wooden bottom with and without heel, with an anatomical fit and… View Article

Antiqued leather handmade shoes

Antiqued leather shoes are one of the flagships of our footwear production, on behalf of third parties. The aged leather as well as the aged leather with a vintage effect represent the jewel of the artisanal production of the Marche shoes. The result of the aging treatments of the leather reserved for both elegant shoes… View Article

Private Label fashionable sneakers for women and men

The fashionable sneakers for women and men from the Copponi Group shoe factory are produced in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. We operate guided both by the artisan quality of the most refined workmanship still done by hand and by the contemporaneity of our production facilities. We produce sneakers in different styles and materials… View Article