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Esse Bi – Artisan production of men’s and women’s footwear. Esse Bi shoe factory produces men’s and women’s shoes and works on behalf of third parties.
The company was born and has its roots of training and expertise in the footwear district of the Marche region. Esse Bi’s men’s and women’s shoe production merges industrial and artisan methods, mirroring contemporary taste and fashion. Our production chain complies with the standards of high quality Italian footwear production.

Handmade Private Label shoes for wholesale
Italian handcrafted footwear

We realize shoes for the medium/high-end market, both classic and fashion collections. We work traditional and natural materials, such as leather and hide for uppers and soles, and plastic or synthetic materials, such as EVA, rubber, TPU. We take care of the assembly of the shoe components, following the characteristics of the single materials.

Private Label wholesale artisanal shoes Made in Italy
Italian handmade production shoes

We operate in the footwear sector both with our own brands and for third parties, contributing to the success of important international brands working in the Marche region.
We also have a modeling and developing service to meet every single need of the customer.

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